We offer a number of packages for your dog based on their needs. We understand the various needs of breeds and their owners.

Full Groom

Includes a bath with premium shampoos, conditioning treatment, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim and a full body trim of your choice and style.

Long length haircuts may have additional charges based on coat condition and the amount of brushing needed

A longer length hairstyle is also not guaranteed if the coat condition is too tangled/matted to do so safely and comfortably for the dog. We will discuss with you the chosen style if there are concerns.

Poodle Face and Feet $15

S $60
S plus $68
M $74
M plus $85
L $98
XL $120+

The Clean Up (between grooms)

Dogs get smelly and for some reason, the hair in front of the eyes always grows the fastest! So, sometimes, between grooms, they could use a bath and clean up around the face, feet, and sanitary areas. The tidy up does not take length off the body but does include a brush out.

S $42
S plus $47
M $53
M plus $62
L $68
XL $88+


Flat, Short Coated Dogs

XS $25
S $30
M $42
L $48
XL $53+


Add on to a bath for flat, short coats
Mandatory De-Shed is required for double coats with heavy undercoat.

S $13
S plus $18
M $24
M plus $30
L $ 35
XL $ 40+


Nail Grind $8

Teeth Brushing $8