We at Bark of the Town provide quality grooming from experienced groomers while striving to make the grooming process as positive experience as we can for your dog. We treat your dog like they are our own 4 legged family member. 

Grooming can be stressful for them but necessary for your dogs overall health. So we believe in being patient, calm and reassuring to your dog so they learn to trust their groomer and feel safe. We will give your furry friend personalized, hands-on care for what works for them.

We also provide a clean, safe, open concept salon. So while your dog is not on the grooming table being groomed we provide doggy couches, water bowls, and blankets so your dog can feel more at home. The doggie lounge also opens to the front windows so you’ll be happy to see your doggie’s face in the window wagging their tail excited to see you! We do also have kennels for some dogs who may feel more comfortable in a den like setting or those dogs who are nervous being around other dogs. 

Founded in 2019, Bark of the Town is here to serve!

Located in Kilworth-Komoka, a stone’s throw from London, Byron, Strathroy, and St. Thomas.