How long does the grooming take for my dog? 

The average stay is 2-3 hours. Although depending on the size and behaviour the time may vary. You will be contacted as soon as your dog is done or if more time is needed.

 Do you use cages in your salon?

Mostly no but we do have kennels if need be. The dogs behaviour will dictate if they need to be in a kennel for a short time or free roaming.

Will my dog be socializing with other dogs while at your salon?

If the dogs behaviour is acceptable to have around the salon with the other dogs we try to limit the kennel time as much as possible. That being said, if  the dog is being to distracting (barking or not respecting other dogs space) we will have to kennel the dog for the safety of the dogs being groomed and the other dogs on the floor. If your dog is more comfortable staying in a kennel or if you are not comfortable with your dog being around the other dogs we will respect that and keep them separate. If your dog is not good with other dogs we can arrange a time that no other dogs are booked (requires an additional fee).  

My double coated dog is hot and shedding all over the house, will you shave him?

No. We will not shave a double coated dog unless: 

1) Your double coated dog is matted and we can’t brush through the undercoat. The skin not getting any air can cause skin problems and very uncomfortable for your dog. We will never shave without your permission first. 

2) Your double coated dog has a health condition and your vet has recommeded a short shave. This will only be done with proof from a vet. If this is the case please discuss this with us before your appointment so we can contact your vet ahead of time. 

My dog is matted. Can you still give him a long haircut?

We always prefer not to shave your dog down and give your dog the haircut you want but in some cases that just isn’t possible. If your dog is not being brushed out properly and regularity the hair can tangle so tight it turns to whats called matting. We like to compare it to dreadlocks, they can’t possibly be brushed out comfortably and in a timely matter. We will not de-mat dogs in this condition as we believe it is cruel, painful, and not in the best interest of your dogs well being.  The length of the haircut will depend on how much space there is between the matt and the skin’s surface. Mats usually tend to be very close to the skin, making the cut shorter than you may like. When this happens we are left with no choice but to shave off the mats and start fresh (don’t worry the hair will grow back). To avoid this in the future we recommend them being groomed every 6-8 weeks with brushing at home between. We will assess each case individually and discuss options with you. We NEVER shave a dog without your permission first. We will go over different types of brushes and proper techniques with you in order to keep the coat in a condition where we can go longer in the future.

When should my puppy come in for his/her first groom?

 In order to get them used to the process, we recommend grooming early on and frequently. They should at least have their first set of shots. We always recommend starting off with our puppy package (see puppy page for more details) which is a not a full haircut. This helps them to get used to the sounds, and feelings associated with grooming so we don’t overwhelm them. We don’t want them to have a negative association with grooming. We recommend bringing them back within  3-4 weeks for another puppy package or to see if your puppy is ready for a full haircut. It varies depending on your pups behaviour and how much practice you are doing a home to help.